156cm E-Cup Amy - TPE - Starpery - Body ONLY

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95.00 LBS

Starpery 156 E-Cup Amy - TPE (Body Only) - Detailed Description

Experience the unmatched realism and quality of the Starpery 156 E-Cup Amy, a meticulously crafted TPE doll body designed for those seeking a highly realistic and versatile companion. This body-only option is perfect for those who already own a compatible head or wish to purchase one separately.


  • No head included
  • Small delamination on the back of both legs


  • TPE material for a realistic touch and feel
  • Removable vagina for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Standing feet with bolts for stability and versatile posing
  • Shrugging shoulders for enhanced range of motion
  • Articulated fingers for realistic hand gestures
  • Gel breasts for a soft and lifelike feel

Despite some minor delamination, this body remains an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their collection with a high-quality, realistic doll body. The TPE material ensures durability and a lifelike texture, while the gel breasts provide an incredibly realistic touch. The standing feet and articulated fingers add to the doll's versatility, allowing for various poses and interactions.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this exceptional Starpery doll body and enjoy the lifelike experience it offers.