Fraud Awareness:
As a seller on a classified site, understand that your ad is visible on the internet from anywhere in the world. Chances are, like any online marketplace, there are individuals who aren't there to buy your doll. As a buyer on a classified site you want to ensure that what is being offered for sale is exactly what you will end up getting. Trust your instincts and be fraud aware. Although some buyers and sellers may live a great distance from each other and may need to do transactions sight unseen, it is best to meet the buyer or seller physically in a safe environment if possible. is merely a listing service and is not involved in the actual exchange of products between buyers and sellers (if placing a basic ad). It is the responsibility of the seller to provide accurate information and of the buyer to ask questions and be aware of points such as the date photos were taken, etc.

***Listings with an "Add To Cart" button (items that can be purchased on the site) are in our possession and are stored either in St. Catharines, Ontario or at a warehouse in Toronto, Ontario and you have our guarantee that the condition of these items is exactly as described.***

***Anything that cannot be purchased on the site is being sold by private sellers and requires extra caution when making transactions.***

***When dealing with private sellers due diligence must be taken to ensure that what is being offered for sale is exactly what will be sent to the buyer. After finding out that one of our customers was scammed by a private seller in Kentucky (luckily he was able to get his money back with PayPal's assistance), we are now implementing a policy insisting that private sellers take at least one photo with the date written on a piece of paper and shown with the doll to prove that they are in possession of the doll, as well as showing the current condition of the doll being sold.

We've had several individuals attempt to pass off photos stolen from a vendor website as being "their" doll for sale but I usually notice immediately and call them out on it. That being said it is still possible on occasion that something slips through the cracks, but we do our best to catch any fraudulent activity before a listing makes it onto the site.***

*Disclaimer: will not be held liable in any way, shape, or form for any transactions gone bad.*

***We recommend upgrading to our Consignment Service or Broker Service and QC Report when listing any high end expensive doll to give potential buyers piece of mind and assurance that what is listed has been described accurately and will arrive at their door in the same condition as the item's photos and description depict.***