Pros Vs. Cons of Buying a Used Doll
With recent advancements in manufacturing technology and methods, the used doll market is better than ever. There's almost as much variety on the used market as there is on the new market with dolls in all different shapes, sizes and brands available.
The biggest pro of buying a used doll is value. Just like a car, a sex doll depreciates the moment it leaves the factory and shows up at your door. It's possible to get a used doll that's barely/never been touched for less than half the price that is was when it was purchased new.
Many dolls aren't even used for sex, but are bought by hobby photographers to use as compliant and co-operative models or by people who live alone and desire a companion to keep them company or as "cuddle buddies" when sleeping, so there are a lot of virgin used dolls available.
With used dolls being much more affordable than their new counterparts, it brings a wider variety of options to buyers with a smaller budget. For example, a very expensive high end silicone doll purchased "used" can be an affordable alternative to a buyer who might only have the finances to purchase a cheaper lower quality TPE doll "brand new".
There are always some gambles that come with buying anything used. If you buy a used doll there might be some hidden problems that you could miss no matter how hard you look it over. Most doll owners are up front and truthful when listing their doll's condition but regardless things can be overlooked so make sure any issues are documented in photos/writing in the ad and ask the seller any questions you may have so you know exactly what you will be getting.

***Sellers who take advantage of our Consignment Service or Broker Service & QC Report will minimize or eliminate any potential problems or missed issues by having an expert from SD Trader/SD Canada perform an unbiased inspection of your doll and providing a written report detailing their inspection.***
Is buying a "used" sex doll or toy un-hygenic or hazardous to my health?
Absolutely not . . as long as it is cleaned and disinfected properly before use. There is a wealth of information on TDF (thedollforum.com) regarding cleaning and routine maintenance of sex dolls. Doll lovers buy and enjoy used dolls all the time with no issues!
How To Place An Ad:
For basic doll ads the procedure is simple, just send your item description (please use our template below), contact information and photos and the ad will be created.
How To List Sex Dolls:
To keep ad layouts consistent and easy to read for prospective buyers, we have borrowed the basic template layout from TDF to keep a level of consistency when placing sex doll ads. Use the template below to place your sex doll ad - just copy the text into your For Sale Ad and fill out as required - then add your own additional text if necessary and submit with photos.
Take photos that best showcase and represent your doll's condition (ie: full frontal photo, full back photo, close-up of vagina/anus, front of head, back of head, close-up of torso, close-ups of any damages, tears or repairs that have been made, etc.) Please make sure all photos are the proper orientation before submitting them for posting. This can be done with any image editing software or very easily in Windows Photo Viewer.
About photos: We screen all ad copy and photos submitted to help prevent inappropriate photos from being posted or misrepresentation by sellers. Ensure there is no person present in your photos and absolutely no sexual situations involving your doll in the photos as these photos will not be posted.
Only one doll can be offered per For Sale Ad, offering multiple items such as heads or clothing that are included in the sale is OK.
Sex Doll Ad Template:
Item for sale: Brand, body type, head type
Material: Cloth, Silicone, TPE, ...
Options: As selected when ordered
Accessories: If sold with the doll (underwear, neck hook, etc.)
Asking price: Price and Currency as well as stating if shipping is included or not.
Preferred payment method: PayPal, cash on pickup, E-Transfer, etc.
Shipping limitations: International shipping or not, preferences or limitations
General location:
Age of item:
Bought new or previously owned:
Damage to item:
Repairs made:
Indicate if this doll is from a smoker's home or smoke free home:
Can I choose the photo I want to be displayed first?
Yes, just number the photos that you are submitting. We will put photo #1 as the first picture in the listing.
Why is my ad not online?
After you receive an approval email from sexdolltrader.com, it may take a few hours for your ad to be posted on the website.
How do I make changes to my existing ad?
If you find it necessary to make edits/changes/adjustments to your ad (change asking price, condition, etc.) simply contact us with your unique ad code and tell us the changes you would like and we will revise the listing accordingly. In order to keep seller ad revisions from getting out of hand one free revision is allowed. A $5.00 fee will be charged when submitting any subsequent revisions.
Managing your ad:
We will automatically send you a renewal offer to the email address used to post the ad at the end of your listing term (before your ad expires) if it appears that your item is still available for sale (ie: you never contacted us to remove the ad). If you do not wish to renew your ad it will expire at the end of the listing term and will be removed from the website. The listing term is 6 months from the date the item was listed.
How do I remove my ad from the website?
Simply contact us with your listing code and it will be removed within 24 hours.