Due to the recent explosion in sex doll sales and interest over the last few years and TDF's recent banning of numerous dolls from the TDF Forum, this website was created to allow doll owners an inexpensive venue to buy and sell their used dolls.

Sex dolls can be very expensive, and the thought of simply losing hundreds/thousands of dollars after purchasing a doll that you no longer want or use just doesn't make sense if you can re-sell it and recover at least some of your investment. Also, used high quality name brand dolls are a great alternative to buying some cheap off-brand generic doll brand new. Quality high-end doll brands look and feel better and build quality in both the skeletons as well as the body materials is far superior than that of a cheap knock off, which is generally made using poor quality recycled materials and flimsy skeletons, that you can generally expect to break or fall apart within a few months of being purchased.

Since many doll enthusiasts own several dolls and buy new dolls on a regular basis, sooner or later there comes a time when most doll owners will want to sell off their old dolls, either to help finance a new doll purchase, free up space in their homes or due to a change in their personal situation.

Our mission at SexDollTrader.Com is to be your ultimate online solution for buying and selling used sex dolls.