164cm D-Cup Carol - WM Doll

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D-Cup Carol by WM Doll

Overview: Meet D-Cup Carol by WM Doll, a stunning and lifelike love doll designed to provide an unmatched realistic experience. Carol stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that WM Doll is renowned for. This pre-owned beauty comes with her own unique character and minor imperfections, adding to her charm and appeal.

Condition: Carol has been previously loved and comes with some minor signs of wear:

  • Feet: A few small cuts on her feet.
  • Right Hand: A wire is sticking out of the finger.
  • Inner Thigh: A small stain is present.
  • Butt: There are a few indents.

Despite these minor imperfections, Carol remains in excellent overall condition, ready to provide companionship and joy.


  • Material: Crafted from high-quality TPE material, Carol offers a soft, realistic feel that closely mimics human skin.
  • Standing Feet (without bolts): Carol is equipped with standing feet, allowing her to stand securely and pose in various positions.
  • Fixed Vagina: Featuring a fixed vagina, Carol ensures a realistic and immersive experience.
  • Wired Fingers: Her wired fingers add an extra layer of realism, enabling you to pose her hands naturally.
  • Solid Breasts: Carol's solid D-cup breasts provide a firm and realistic touch.

Included Accessories: To enhance your experience, Carol comes with a complete set of accessories:

  • Blanket: For cozy and comfortable moments.
  • Two Lingeries: Elegant and seductive lingerie sets to dress Carol up.
  • Irrigator: For easy and effective cleaning.
  • Gloves: For handling and maintenance.
  • Comb: To keep her hair looking beautiful and well-groomed.

Why Choose D-Cup Carol? Carol is more than just a doll; she is a companion designed to bring pleasure and satisfaction. Her lifelike appearance, combined with the superior craftsmanship of WM Doll, ensures that she will be a cherished addition to your collection. Her pre-owned status and minor imperfections make her an affordable option without compromising on quality and realism.

Note: Carol is sold as-is, and all details regarding her condition and features have been accurately described. We recommend handling her with care to ensure her longevity and to maintain her realistic appearance.

Experience the unique charm and realism of D-Cup Carol by WM Doll today. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome this beautiful companion into your life!