166 C-Cup Monique - WM Doll

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114.00 LBS

The beautiful Monique is always looking for ways to burn some energy. She loves hitting the gym to work out her frustrations. Isn't it about time you worked up a sweat in the bedroom with Monique? You won't be able to resist her pinning you against the ropes and showing you how fit and toned she is. Save big bucks when you take Monique home with you, fellas!


Comes with a full sized flight case (needs some cleaning), Enhanced Mouth, Standing Feet with Bolts

Condition Report:

Needs a good cleaning, vagina & butt have seen lots of miles BUT lots of life left, both hands have broken fingers, left hand is twisted & broken, cuts under feet, near bum, knees & nose, both legs lose - unable to stand.