Sex Doll Ads

Ads include the item description, contact info and up to 15 photos. Buyers contact sellers directly from the seller's email address or phone number listed with the ad and arrange shipping/pick-up and exchange of funds themselves. A basic Sex Doll ad is $50.00.

Broker Service

We offer Broker Services to increase buyer confidence and trust, holding funds "in escrow" until the customer confirms receipt of the doll. Purchasing a doll on TDF, Aliexpress or eBay can be risky as there's no guarantee of what you will actually receive . . and in some cases you may receive nothing at all.

Our Broker Service takes the risk out of purchasing a used sex doll. The buyer sends Sex Doll Trader the funds for the doll they would like to purchase. Once we receive payment we contact the seller and have the doll shipped. Once the buyer has confirmed receipt of the doll, the funds (less our commission) are released to the seller.

Dolls with Add-ons such as QC Reports or Doll Maintenance agreements must be sent to SD Canada first, with the doll's description and photos emailed to us so we can list the doll. The doll can either be dropped off at SDC personally, or secure and discreet pick-up can be arranged allowing sellers to take advantage of SDC's discounted shipping rates. Once the doll is received and inspected the listing is placed online. Dolls that have been sent to SDC include 3 months doll storage. After 3 months if the doll hasn't sold we will either need to charge a nominal monthly storage fee or have the doll sent back to the seller at their expense (seller will still be charged the standard listing fee).

Our Broker Service fee is 15% of the sale price of the doll, in addition to the standard listing fee.

QC Report/SD Canada Certified Doll (Broker Service Add-On)

SD Canada will perform an unbiased doll inspection with up to 10 photos, providing feedback regarding the doll's overall condition as well as stating any issues or damages that are found. The fee is $150 and includes 3 months of doll storage. This is an add-on to the broker service.

Doll Maintenance (Broker Service Add-On)

We offer doll repairs, clean-up and stain removal as additional Add-ons to the broker service. All repairs/cleaning are charged at $55 per hour (2 hour minimum charge).

Consignment Service

We are now offering "Consignment" services allowing the seller to avoid having to go through the hassle of taking photos, dealing with buyers or any other annoying aspects of trying to sell their doll. There are no upfront fees for this service and when the doll sells it is a 50/50 split of the proceeds . . 50% for the customer and 50% for SD Trader. This service is only offered for dolls that are in relatively good to mint condition. Dolls that have broken backs, other significant damages, or are in poor overall condition cannot be accepted for consignment.

Payment Types

Payment options within Canada include PayPal, Money Orders/Certified Cheques and cash. In the U.S. PayPal, Canadian Money Orders and Western Union are acceptable. We will soon be offering Crypto-Currency payment options as well.