***SOLD*** 100 (3'3") G-Cup Iris ECO - St. Catharines, ON

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40.00 LBS

Material: TPE

Options When Purchased:

Eyes - Brown
Skin Color - White
Lips - Normal
Breasts - Solid Breasts
Areola Color - Pink
Vagina Type - Built-In Fixed
Labia Color - Pink
Pubic Hair - None
Fingernails - French Manicure Pink
Toenails - French Manicure Pink
Feet - Non-Standing Feet
Accessories: 1 blonde wig, 1 brown wig, USB heater, Piper Doll t-shirt & shorts, bikini, hairbrush, wig protector and 1 pair of socks and shoes
Age of item: 2 Months
No Oral capability
Feet - Non-Standing Feet
Seamless Neck (non-removable)

General location: St. Catharines, ON

Modifications: None.

From Smoke FREE Home.

Doll is in MINT/Brand New condition and was recently purchased from SD Canada. This doll is virgin and has never been touched/handled with the exception of being removed from the box and powdered for the photo shoot.