130cm D-Cup Phoebe- Piper Doll

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72.00 LBS

Piper Doll 130cm Phoebe D Cup - Detailed Description

Meet Phoebe, a beautifully crafted 130cm D cup doll by Piper Doll, designed to deliver a lifelike and satisfying experience. This doll is made from high-quality TPE, providing a realistic touch and feel, and features a seamless neck design for enhanced realism and aesthetics.


  • No wig included
  • A little mold in the mouth
  • Missing a few fingernails on both hands
  • Missing a toenail on the right foot
  • Vagina and buttocks have rips


  • TPE material
  • Solid breasts
  • Wired fingers for poseability
  • Standing feet with bolts
  • Shrugging shoulders for realistic movement
  • Fixed vagina
  • Has pubic hair
  • Enhanced mouth without a tongue
  • Comes with a blanket

Phoebe is designed with practicality and versatility in mind. Her wired fingers and shrugging shoulders allow for a variety of poses, making her perfect for both display and companionship. The standing feet with bolts add stability, ensuring she can stand securely. Despite some imperfections, Phoebe remains a valuable addition to any collection, offering a combination of beauty, functionality, and realism.

This doll comes with a blanket, providing extra care and protection. While she shows some signs of wear, with a little TLC, Phoebe can be restored to provide many more moments of enjoyment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring Phoebe home and experience the craftsmanship and detail that Piper Doll is renowned for.