***SOLD*** 140 (4'7") Ariel G-Cup - Honey Light - St. Catharines, ON

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75.00 LBS

Material: TPE

Options When Purchased:

Eyes - Blue-Green
Skin Color - Honey Light
EVO Skeleton (Squatting Ability)
Lips - Glossy/Coated
Breasts - Hollow Breasts
Areola Color - Pink
Vagina Type - Built In
Labia Color - Pink
Pubic Hair - None
Fingernails - French Manicure Pink
Toenails - French Manicure Pink
Feet - Standing Feet
Wig - 2 SD Canada wigs (Pink, Red) and 2 Piper Doll wigs (Green, Blonde)
Accessories: Piper Doll clothing, shoes, hanging hook, brush and warming wand.
Age of item: 9 Months

Doll is slightly used, but has no skin damage other than a minor scar at the vagina. Purchased new from Sex Doll Canada in March 2021 and has been in storage for the last few months.

Contact Sex Doll Trader for additional info regarding this doll, or purchase using the link above.

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