***SOLD*** 150 (4'11") K-Cup Jessica Toronto, ON

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68.00 LBS

Material: TPE

Options When Purchased:
Eyes - Blue
Skin Color - Honey Light
Lips - Red
Breasts - hollow
Areola Color - Pink
Vagina Type - Removable
Labia Color - Pink (color worn)
Pubic Hair - None
Fingernails - French Manicure Pink
Toenails - French Manicure Pink
Feet - Standing Feet
Wig - [NEW] Long Red-Orange Hair
Accessories: None
Age of item: 2 Months

Doll is in excellent overall condition. Doll's right ring finger wire is broken. Right breast has thin TPE underneath that shows transparent when the breast is pulled up, but it is still intact. If this area breaks, it is easily fixable with a TPE cold weld kit. There are very light factory production markings on the doll's back; this is normal as even new dolls come like this.