***SOLD*** 154 (5'1") F-Cup Miki Brunette Plus (With 2 Heads) - Toronto, ON

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75.00 LBS

Material: TPE

Options When Purchased:

Eyes - Miki - Blue-Green, Cecelia - Brown
Skin Color - Tanned
Lips - Normal
Breasts - Gel Breasts
Areola Color - Color Worn Off
Vagina Type - Built-In Fixed
Labia Color - Natural
Pubic Hair - Small Patch
Fingernails - French Manicure Pink
Toenails - French Manicure Pink
Feet - Standing Feet
Wig - Long Purple Hair
Accessories: None.
Age of item: 1 Year

Doll is in excellent overall condition. She has no visible damage aside from detached eyelashes on the Cecelia head, what appears to be a small blemish on the upper left forearm, a re-attached nail on the index finger of the left hand and a couple of very minor lacerations and scuffs on the lower left hand and forearm.

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