***SOLD*** 158 (5'2") D-Cup Penny Plus - Full Silicone - *No Head* - Toronto, ON

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75.00 LBS

Material: Silicone

Options When Purchased:

*No Head*
Skin Color - White
Breasts - Hollow Breasts
Areola Size - 5cm
Areola Color - Red
Vagina Type - Removable Insert
Insert Type - ?
Pubic Hair - None
Fingernails - Pink
Toenails - Pink
Feet - Non-Standing Feet
Accessories: None.
Age of item: 1 Year

Doll is in fair condition overall and would benefit from a good cleaning. The doll has had some modifications done by the previous owner. The arms and legs were cut off at the joints to facilitate ease of storage, and have been glued back on. The right breast has deflated somewhat but this can be repaired by SD Canada upon sale of the doll. Also, the doll's buttocks have flattened somewhat.

*Insert type is not yet verified and will be adjusted upon confirmation with SD Canada*

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