***SOLD*** 170 (5'7") F-Cup Rider - *No Head* - Toronto, ON

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120.00 LBS

Material: TPE

Options When Purchased:

*No Head*
Skin Color - White
EVO Skeleton (Squatting Ability)
Shrugging Shoulders
Breasts - Hollow Breasts
Areola Size - 5cm
Areola Color - Pink
Vagina Type - Removable Insert
Labia Color - Natural
Pubic Hair - Black
Fingernails - Red
Toenails - French Manicure Pink
Feet - Standing Feet
Accessories: None
Age of item: 2 Years

Doll is in fair condition overall (aside from spine break) but needs a cleaning. There is some staining from dark clothing as well as a general need to be washed. The doll sustained a broken back (the skeleton snapped) at about waist level and has had the TPE cut across it's back to reveal the break. The right breast appears to have deflated a bit. There is a bit of tearing/damage to the vaginal entry. There is also some broken and/or missing finger wires.

If the upper torso were to be removed completely this could work as a very inexpensive "BBW Sexy Legs" type of toy. The upper torso would also work well for anyone interested in a "BBW Breast Sex" type of toy.

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