Consignment Service - ***Reinstated With Stipulations***

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***Consignment Services are now available once again but there are a few stipulations regarding what we will accept:
- Only High-End Silicone dolls that have an original sale price of at least $3,500-$4,000 and up;
- TPE Dolls cannot be accepted for consignment;
- Dolls must be in excellent to mint condition with a minimum of flaws;
- Dolls MUST be packaged properly and securely before being shipped to us. We are not in any way liable for damages to dolls as a result of poor packaging by consignees.
- Potential consignees must e-mail us at with some good quality photos and a description of the doll they would like to consign and we will let them know if it is something we can accept.***
We offer "Consignment" services allowing the seller to avoid having to go through the hassle of taking photos, dealing with buyers or any other annoying aspects of trying to sell their doll. There are no upfront fees for this service and when the doll sells it is a 50/50 split of the proceeds . . 50% for the customer and 50% for SD Trader. This service is only offered for dolls that are in relatively good to mint condition. Dolls that have broken backs, other significant damages, or are in poor overall condition cannot be accepted for consignment.
This is a great option for anyone who has a good doll they would like to sell and don't have the time to sell the doll on their own, don't want to deal with potential buyers and all of the questions that they will be bombarded with, or just need to get the doll out of their home asap due to lack of space or other issues.
If you are interested in taking advantage of our consignment service just send a quick description of your doll along with a few photos to and we will let you know asap if it's a good candidate for consignment. If we give the thumbs up all you need to do is make sure the doll is clean and is in good overall condition, be sure to pack it well and ship it to us or drop it off, and we'll handle everything from there. That includes taking quality photos with proper lighting, doing a QC Report detailing the condition of the doll so prospective buyers know exactly what they will be getting, setting up your website listing and answering a zillion questions that we're sure to get from interested customers about your doll.
Benefits Of Consignment:
*FREE Professional Photo Shoot
*FREE Listing on Sex Doll Trader
*FREE QC Report
*FREE Minor Stain Removal (if necessary)
*NO Upfront Fees
*NO Headaches!
*Consigned dolls receive up to 6 months of free storage. Most dolls will sell much sooner but . . if your doll hasn't sold in 6 months time a nominal $25 storage fee (per month) will be deducted from the doll's sale proceeds once it sells.
*Dolls are handled with the utmost care at all times during photo shoots, etc. That being said, in the very unlikely event that a doll suffers any damages while in our possession (or during shipping) Sex Doll Trader cannot be held liable.
*If it is determined that a doll sent for consignment needs major cleaning before we can proceed with the photo shoot, etc. a $200 cleaning fee will be deducted from the sale proceeds once the doll sells.
*By using our Consignment Service you authorize Sex Doll Trader to adjust pricing when necessary and to offer occasional sales events to help get your doll sold quickly.
***VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING SHIPPING: Be sure to pack the doll SECURELY prior to shipping. Use a lot of packing materials especially around the upper body/neck area to support the neck bolt from being bent or sustaining any damage when shipping please! Also make sure that both box ends (top and bottom) are packed very well to fill in any holes or gaps that may exist so the doll remains stable. Make sure the doll cannot move around freely AT ALL once packed. If the doll is able to move around in the box during shipping there is a FAR, FAR greater chance of damage occurring while in transit. Sex Doll Trader cannot be held liable for any damages that may occur to dolls as a result of sellers using poor packaging techniques or insufficient packing materials to adequately secure their doll before shipping.***

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