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Sex Doll Ads

A Basic Doll Ad is similar to placing a car ad on Autotrader. Your Ad includes the item description, your contact info and up to 15 photos.

Buyers contact sellers directly from the seller's email address or phone number provided and arrange shipping/pick-up and exchange of funds themselves.

Simply pay for the Basic Ad and then email us your photos, description and contact info to and the listing will be placed on the site. There is a nominal $50.00 fee to place a Basic Sex Doll Ad.


1. Pay for your Basic Ad by clicking on the "ADD TO CART" button and completing payment.

2. Send your photos, doll information/description and contact email to us at

3. Your ad will be posted generally within 24-48 hours.


To keep ad layouts consistent and easy to read for prospective buyers, we have borrowed the basic template layout from TDF to keep a level of consistency when placing sex doll ads. Use the template below to place your sex doll ad - just copy the text into your For Sale Ad and fill out as required - then add your own additional text if necessary and submit with photos.

Take photos that best showcase and represent your doll's condition (ie: full frontal photo, full back photo, close-up of vagina/anus, front of head, back of head, close-up of torso, close-ups of any damages, tears or repairs that have been made, etc.) Please make sure all photos are the proper orientation before submitting them for posting. This can be done with any image editing software or very easily in Windows Photo Viewer.

About photos: We screen all ad copy and photos submitted to help prevent inappropriate photos from being posted or misrepresentation by sellers. Ensure there is no person present in your photos and absolutely no sexual situations involving your doll in the photos as these photos will not be posted.

Only one doll/toy can be offered per For Sale Ad, offering multiple items such as heads or clothing that are included in the sale is OK.


Please use the Ad Template below to ensure your listing provides all necessary information:

Item for sale: (Brand, body type/height, head type/number . . ie: SM156C-Cup with X2 head)
Material/Weight: (Silicone, TPE, Cloth ...)
Options: (As selected when ordered new.)
Accessories: (If anything is being sold with the doll . . underwear, neck hook, etc.)
Asking price: (Price and Currency as well as stating if shipping is included or not.)
Preferred payment method: (PayPal, cash on pickup, E-Transfer, etc.)
Shipping limitations: (International shipping or not, preferences or limitations.)
General location:
Age of item:
Bought new or previously owned:
Damage to item:
Repairs made:
Indicate if this doll is from a smoker's home or smoke free home:


***A note about photos . . Quality photos go a long way towards selling your doll. Please try and provide quality crisp, clear photos when submitting your ad materials, even if you have to borrow a good camera to take your photos.***

Payment Types

Payment options within Canada include E-Transfers, Money Orders & Certified Cheques and cash. In the U.S. E-Transfers, Canadian Money Orders and Western Union are acceptable.

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