**MINT/UNSED** New In Orginally Packaging Hismith Table Top 2.0 Premium Sex Machine With KlicLok System Connector Plus Extra Attachments

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Brand New Hismith Sex Machine (still in packaging) in box with dildo plus a few extra attachments.

Here’s Hismith’s Description:

This table top 2.0 is our new released sex machine, aimed at supplying a competitive fucking machine which offers angle versatility at an affordable price. Table Top 2.0 is made out of aluminum alloy material and stainless steel, make it sturdy yet not over weight, very easy to carry around with a portable bag (designed by Hismith). This lovely thrusting machine comes with the KlicLok system (octagon connector). It ‘s designed for non-spin thrusting, and more steady than other connector systems, keeping attachments in position, not rotating. Hismith offers plenty of adapters and attachments for ladies and gentlemen, you can purchase them on Hismith official website or Amazon flagship store, make sure you got them with KlicLok system, keep that in mind. Now, bring your honey love machine home.

  • Hands Free: Take it out of the bag, connect the power adapter, attach the 6.7 inches silicone dong included in the package, control the sex machine by wired controller, start your Hismith adventure.
  • Steady Base: Made of non-slip material. Grip-tight support pads at the base hold the machine securely in place.
  • Plug And Play System: Eight-square shape makes the connector more steady, keep accessories in position while sex machine’s running, no rotation.
  • Toolless Stroke Adjustment: Hismith’s exclusive infinity stroke settings allow you to easily adjust your sex machine’s stroke depth anywhere between 1.2 and 5.9 inches. No tools required.


1 x Hismith Table Top 2.0

1 x Power supply unit (Power Adapter and Plug including)

1 x 6.7 in silicone dildo

1 x Portable bag

1 x Table Top 2.0 User Manual

1 x Wired controller


1 x Hismith Extension Rod

1 x Hismith KlicLok System Adaptor, Converts to 3XLR Quick Air Connector

1 x Hismith Vibrator Male Masturbator Bandage





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