*** SOLD *** 130 Zelex B Cup Cala FULL SILICONE

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55.00 LBS

< Condition : Excellent

< manufacture : Zelex

< Full Silicone

< Measurements

Metric measurements: Height 130 cm / Weight 25 kg / breasts 66.5 cm / waist 49.5 cm / hips 74.5 cm / under bust circumference 53.5 cm / shoulder width 34 cm / neck circumference 26 cm/ arm length 55.5 cm / leg length 60.5 cm / hand length 14.5 cm / foot length 18 cm

< Imperial measurements: Height 4'3"/ Weight 58 lbs / C-Cup breasts , 26" bust, 19" waist, 29" hips. Depth of removable vagina is 5".

< She is completely undamaged and in perfect condition. She comes with the hard silicone GEO4M "Cala"and soft silicone GE13M "Elise" heads. These heads have no oral function. She also came with a spare removable vagina that has never been used. The doll has an anal opening, but this is likely too small for sex.

< Hair: one medium-short length black "Rachel" style wig, and one medium-long light brown (sandy blonde) wig with side part.

Eye Color: light hazel for GEO4M Cala, grey for GE13M Elise.
Skin Tone: Fair - light skinned East-Asian or Chinese/Caucasion mix
Vagina: Removable Vagina
Pubic Hair: small bush of short trimmed black
Feet: Standing foot bolts
Body Upgrades: Weight Reduction, Implanted eyebrows and eyelashes

Accessories include:
- a cute but sturdy pair of small well fitting open-toed sandals that hide the foot bolts but do not hide not her feet. They were ordered new seperately from the doll.
- a white bikini.
- a usb heater, comb, douche bottle, cotton gloves to handle doll.
- each head comes with it's own standard M-16 push and fit head connector/adaptor bolt.
- both heads have their own wigs.
$1600.00 is a very reasonable price for a full silicone Zelex doll with these features/upgrades, especially considering that she is in perfect condition, comes with a second head, and an untouched removable vagina that effectively makes her a "born again virgin" ;)