WM Doll 166cm (5’5”) C-Cup with 2 HEADS (#366 and #108) - NW OHIO (Classified Ad)

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69.00 LBS

This beautiful doll is for sale, and she's in great shape! Delivery within 300 miles of NW Ohio, or shipping available! Send inquires to: ingridthewmdoll@gmail.com

 TPE with a weight of 69 lbs (31.4 kg)

Options: Skin: tan

Breast: gel

Areola size: small

Areola color: light brown

Labia color: skin

Vagina type: fixed

Anus: with detail

Fingernail color: natural French Manicure

Toenail color: natural

Feet: standing

Extra: belly piercing, realistic body paint, enhanced mouth, EVO skeleton,

           articulated fingers, shrugging shoulders

Accessories:  neck hook, heating rod, push fit adapter, heels, three wigs (2 blond and one brown), 2 outfits, additional feet pegs, instruction manual with verification code

Asking Price: $1,300 USD. Shipping is not included in the price but am willing to travel 300 miles from Northwest Ohio to deliver.

Preferred Payment Method: Venmo, PayPal, or CashApp

Shipping Limitations: Can ship within the continental US or Canada

General Location:  Ohio

Age of Item: 1 year and 6 months

Bought New or Previously Owned: Purchased New

Damage to Item:  The doll is in mint condition.  It was woman owned, so the orifices were only gently used. There are minor abrasions on the bottom of the feet, inner left thigh, buttocks, and vaginal area; finger skeleton poked through the “flesh” in some fingers but those are barely noticeable; there are a couple of cuts on the bottom of the feet (top of the feet are in great condition); and some dimpling on the right lower thigh; all damage is pictured

Repairs Made: None

Modifications:  None

Doll is from a smoke-free home.

Send Inquires: ingridthewmdoll@gmail.com

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