WM Intelligent Cleaning Set - Excellent Condition

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10.00 LBS

WM Intelligent Cleaning Set - Never Used (Arrived With Small Imperfection) - Detailed Description


Ensure the utmost hygiene and care for your sex dolls with the WM Intelligent Cleaning Set. Designed for convenience and thorough cleaning, this set is perfect for maintaining your doll in pristine condition. Although it has never been used, it arrived with a broken UV light, making it an excellent opportunity for those who can replace or fix the damaged part.


  • UV light is broken (brand new, never used)
  • Not recommended to use with the broken part (due to glass bits)


  • Wash: Efficiently cleans your doll with gentle yet effective washing
  • Rinse: Thoroughly rinses off any residues for a clean finish
  • Dry: Ensures your doll is completely dry to prevent any mold or mildew
  • Disinfect with UV light: (Note: UV light is broken and should not be used in its current state)

Despite the broken UV light, this cleaning set offers reliable washing, rinsing, and drying options to keep your doll in top condition. This set is ideal for those who can replace the UV light or use the other functions without it.