***SOLD*** 165cm (5'5") D-Cup Pepper (Head #2) - Full Silicone - St. Catharines, ON

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75.00 LBS

Material: Full Silicone

Options When Purchased:

Eyes - #5 Zenith Blue
Skin Color - #2
Lips - Normal - Red
Breasts - Hollow Breasts
Areola Size - 4cm Puffy Nipples
Areola Color - Red
Vagina Type - Fixed Built-In
Labia Color - Red
Pubic Hair - None
Fingernails - Pink
Wigs - Long Reddish Brown Wig

Accessories: User Manual.

Additional Upgrades: Super Soft Silicone Blend.

Age of item: 2+ Years

Doll is in excellent condition. She has a few minor issues but is an exceptional looking doll.

QC Results: Some joints are quite stiff, the vagina has some wear around the inner rim, the left foot has 2 minor indents in the rear sole area, the right foot has multiple indents and tears around rear side and back of the sole area, the breasts have noticable dimples from partial deformation/deflation of the hollow breasts. Aside from these issues the doll is in excellent condition.

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