***ON SALE*** 100cm (3'3") D-Cup Kei Torso - Full Silicone - St. Catharines, ON

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60.00 LBS

Material: Full Silicone

Options When Purchased:

Eyes - #5 Zenith Blue
Skin Color - #1
Lips - Normal - Red
Breasts - Gel Breasts
Areola Size - 5cm
Areola Color - Red
Vagina Type - Fixed Built-In
Labia Color - Red
Pubic Hair - None
Fingernails - French Manicure Pink
Wigs - Long Black Wig, Long Curly Blonde Wig

Accessories: 2 Sets Of Lingerie Plus An Additional Outfit (UK Print 2-Piece Outfit), Brush, User Manual, Irrigator, Hemp Lubricant, Water Based Lubricant, USB Heater, Doll Surface Cleaner With Cloth.

Additional Upgrades: Textured Skin, Soft Belly, Soft Vagina, Soft Butt, Permanent Nipple Pigmentation, Loose Joints (ragdoll effect) as well as realistic shading and detailing of hands/fingers.

Age of item: 6 Months

Doll is in MINT condition. She has no visible damage and looks absolutely stunning. This is an exceptional doll with numerous upgrades and extras.

QC Results: There is very minor wear on the tips of a few fingers and on the outer vaginal area. Aside from these very minor issues the doll is in brand new condition.

***Not all outfits shown are included in the sale but are available for purchase if requested.***

Contact Sex Doll Trader for additional info regarding this doll, shipping info, or purchase using the link above.

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