Zelex Silicone Head #G45 - Carmen - Exceptional Condotion

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10.00 LBS

Zelex Carmen Head #G45 - Detailed Description

Introducing the Zelex Carmen Head #G45, a stunning and highly realistic silicone head perfect for enhancing the beauty and personality of your Zelex doll. This gently used head features meticulously implanted eyebrows and eyelashes, providing an incredibly lifelike appearance.


  • Small cut on the back of the head


  • Silicone head
  • Comes with a wig
  • Implanted eyebrows & lashes
  • Movable eyes
  • Mouth not enhanced

Designed with attention to detail, the Zelex Carmen Head #G45 is crafted from high-quality silicone, ensuring durability and realism. The movable eyes allow for expressive customization, adding to the head's lifelike qualities. Despite a minor imperfection, this head remains an excellent addition to any collection, offering a blend of elegance and practicality.

Don't miss the chance to own this exceptional Zelex head and elevate your doll's aesthetic with unmatched realism and charm.